yoga for older adults @ the cave at bromley-heath

Yoga for Older Adults is a six-week class series where elders can enjoy the many health and wellness benefits of yoga, including strength and flexibility, energy and vitality, and peace and relaxation. Learn gentle seated and standing postures, practice deep conscious breathing, and create mental clarity with simple guided meditations.

These classes are free thanks to Jamaica Plain APAC‘s The Good Life Healthy Living Club (a program of ABCD) and take place each Wednesday at 2:00 PM beginning Wednesday, April 23.

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relax & renew: friday night yoga @ madison park village

Relax and Renew: Friday Night Yoga is an 8 week class series where people of all ages can practice gentle yoga poses and relaxation techniques to unwind from a long week. Relieve stress and restore energy with movement, deep breathing and meditation. Both beginners and more experienced students are welcome.

These classes will be FREE thanks to our partnership with the Madison Park Development Corporation and take place at 122 Dewitt Drive, Roxbury on Friday nights from 6:15 to 7:30p beginning Friday, March 2.

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a good harvest

“an intelligent farmer, the Buddha pointed out, knows that a good harvest can be reaped only under certain necessary conditions. first, he must have an intelligent understand of different types of soil and of soil conditions…secondly, he must also have a good knowledge of different types of seeds….thirdly, a skillful farmer first ploughs the field and properly irrigates it before sowing the seed or planting the saplings.

those who tell peasants that only magic, mantras and divine blessings are the real enabling-powers behind a good harvest prevent the peasants from realizing the truth of their own creative powers and keep them in dependence on the ministrations of those who do not work, but reap the ‘fruit of their toil’. the mantras of wizard-craft and priest-craft are made to appear more powerful than the technology of the real workers.

by making people critically aware of their taken for granted creative powers, the Buddha reminded them that they could act together to transform themselves and their life-conditions. the Buddha was a pedagogue of the people. he did not mystify, he conscientised.”

— “the Buddha’s way to human liberation” by nalin swaris

yoga 101: back to basics @ bromley-heath


yoga 101: back to basics is a 8-week class series where those new to yoga and more experienced students can practice fundamental yoga poses, learn foundational yoga concepts, and explore yogic breathing exercises. learn the building blocks for a yoga practice that can transform your mind, body and soul.

these classes will be FREE thanks to our partnership with the bromley-heath tenant organization and will be held at the the cave, 30 bickford street (lower level) jackson square, jamaica plain on wednesday nights from 6:45 to 8p beginning wednesday, march 5th.

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earthseed moves indoors! six-week chakra series @ orchard gardens

imageafter a summer and autumn spent basking in the warmth of the sun, feeling the cool winds wrap around our bodies and breathing the fresh air, earthseed yoga is moving indoors for the winter.

we are honored to be partnering with orchard gardens resident services team to offer a six weeks of FREE hatha yoga classes in their community room located at 25 ambrose street, 4th floor, in roxbury.


our six-week chakra series begins this wednesday, november 13 at 11a and takes place every wednesday and saturday through december 21.

contact us at 857.312.9941 or for questions or more info.

autumn outdoor yoga @ bowdoin-geneva community hub!

BG Community Hub

Bowdoin-Geneva Community Hub, 191 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester

Move your body, relax your mind, ignite your spirit!

Earthseed Yoga invites you to attend a series of FREE outdoor hatha yoga classes at the beautiful Bowdoin-Geneva Community Hub, the future site of the Dorchester Community Food Co-op!

Learn ways to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Connect more deeply with yourself and your community! Those new to yoga are welcome.

Autumn Outdoor Yoga begins THIS Saturday, September 21st at 11A and takes place every Saturday through October (weather permitting).

For more information about yoga or the class, call/text or email Kendra at or 617.871.9673.